B2B Sales Data Services

Whether building a new database or cleaning an existing one, Fide's lead generation team provides your sales team with accurate and targeted prospect data.

Our data building process



Fide conducts a workshop to understand your ideal customer profile and buyer personas.


We manually collect and verify data from LinkedIn and other reliable data providers, plus source additional details to help your sales team close deals.


We put together a custom database of target accounts and the appropriate decision-makers at each of these companies, along with which buyer persona they belong to.


We hold fortnightly continuous improvement meetings (CIM) with you to review our progress and strategy.

Reliable data for lead generation

All data collected by Fide is human-curated and validated - we don't buy lists. Our comprehensive and bespoke lead lists are the product of utilising multiple sources and research methods. This way you're provided with everything you need from demographic, firmographic and psychographic data to technographic data, trigger events and market events.

Build an accurate database

Support your outbound sales efforts with accurate prospect data you can be confident in. Our B2B data services were built by sales teams with SDRs and sales reps and are designed to increase their productivity and improve connection rates.

Clean up your existing database

Outdated, incorrect and incomplete data can be costly to your sales and marketing teams. To solve this, Fide can scrub your existing data using both manual processes and proprietary automation to verify each contact record in your database. You'll receive a dataset with updated information and indications of what information could be verified.

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