B2B Appointment Setting

We reach out to target accounts to provide your sales team with appointments in their calendars.
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Our appointment setting approach



Fide's lead generation and appointment setting teams will become familiar with your company, team, product and clients. We do this via a 1 hour workshop where we define your ideal customer profile, buyer personas, their pain points and how your solution addresses these pain points.


We use an account-based selling approach and target decision-makers at the companies you want to do business with. We manually collect and verify data from LinkedIn and other reliable data providers, plus source additional details to ensure we're contacting the right prospects.


We'll engage with your prospects in value-based, meaningful conversations using a multi-channel approach to yield meetings and provide a flow of qualified appointments for your sales reps. We continuously refine our process as we continue to engage your buyers and learn more about the market.


Fide will take care of updating your CRM, scheduling and sending calendar invites, confirm meetings, reschedule meetings, and even begin discussions with a handoff to your rep.

We generate leads, you generate profits

You'll save time, money and effort. Fide eliminates the lengthy and expensive process associated with continuously hiring and training lead generation staff. We recruit, hire, train and retain sales development teams for our clients. This way, you avoid overheads, bonuses, fully loaded salaries and the notorious short tenures associated with salespeople.

Knowledgeable staff for your sales team

Is your sales team doing its own prospecting? If yes, they're wasting valuable time that could be spent nurturing and closing deals. With Fide, you get a dedicated team focused on one thing - delivering new appointments while driving efficient pipeline growth. We'll take care of the outreach and align our messaging with yours to provide your prospects with a seamless experience.

An outsourced sales team you can trust

We represent you and your company as if it were our own and act as an extension of your internal teams. We adapt to your sales process and model to ensure every handover and transaction goes smoothly - no matter how complex your internal processes or barriers to closing are.

Your turnkey sales solution

Our turnkey approach to B2B sales lets our clients launch multi-channel outreach campaigns in as little as 5 business days. Once we begin outreach to target accounts, we constantly refine our approach and optimise outreach to drive more qualified appointments for your business.

Your campaign could be live in 10 business days.