About Us

A team of sales and marketing experts

passionate about you.

Our Name

What is 'Fide'?

Our name is derived from the term "bona fide".

In an industry filled with snake oil, we chose a name that represents our good faith and genuinely having client interests at heart.

Our Values

Our Core Values


on Commitments

Maintain focus on key priorities and deliver quality on time, every time.


Operate with Transparency

Communicate with unwavering honesty, integrity and respect.


Client Growth
is Our Growth

Our clients' success equals our success to focus on their growth.

Marketing is an investment, not a cost.

For this to hold true, we strongly believe that a successful business can only be built via predictable revenue. Predictable revenue doesn't come by luck so we equip ourselves with everything you need to get there.

Our Tools

Experts in Modern Tools

So you don't have to be.

We have hands-on experience with the most innovative apps and tools and take a data-driven approach to continually improve your marketing and sales efforts. We understand flexibility and can work directly out of your platform or provide insights manually. No matter what, you always get full visibility into our process.

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