A team of growth experts passionate about you.

Our Core Values


We help validated products get more customers.

All of our clients have demonstrated that their offerings create value for their clients. At Fide, we're not in the business of forcing a solution if it doesn't have a clear value in the market - we exist to help businesses with validated products find more clients at a fair price.

We can help thousands of businesses at a price that is fair to everyone.

Sales development is complex, qualified reps are in short supply, and tenures are notoriously short. SDRs can quickly become very expensive when combined with a fully loaded salary, overhead, and bonuses. Fide can remove the headaches for our clients so that they receive better outcomes than hiring internally at a better price.

We use data to power our decisions.

Sales and marketing are process-driven, and data inform our campaigns and strategy. We're obsessed with learning and continuous improvement and understand that constant testing and education are vital to our client's success.

We must first understand our client's goals before we can exceed them.

Fide's greatest compliment is that we're a respected part of a client's organisation and relied upon for its growth. This awareness is paramount to each interaction with clients and each action we take on their behalf.

We operate with transparency.

Honesty, integrity and transparency are critical to a valued relationship with our clients. We believe that our clients should have complete visibility of our methods and approaches and how their campaigns are working. With this level of transparency, our clients can be confident in Fide's efforts to support their business.

Your trusted experts in modern tools

We have hands-on experience with the most innovative apps and tools and take a data-driven approach to continually improve your marketing and sales efforts. We understand flexibility and can work directly out of your platform or provide insights manually. No matter what, you always get full visibility into our process.