Appointment Setting Service

We set the appointments, you close the deals.

 Australian human experts combined with leading tech and automation.

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Why Us

Our Difference


Deep personalisation.

Well researched, hand-written, and personalised outreach for each prospect.


Powered by data.

An intelligent sales process built by combining a data-driven method with human experts.


Leading technology.

We're equipped with the latest tech and a proven playbook so you save money on tech and hiring.

We set the appointments, you close the deals.

We eliminate the need for you to continuously hire and train inside sales staff while we contact new prospects, follow-up on marketing leads, and even conduct market research.

Our Process

The Fide Way

We use an account-based selling approach combining email and LinkedIn automation with human experts.

Here's how we do it.


Learn Appointment Setting Fide

Identify Prospects and Personas

We conduct extensive research to identify which verticals we should be targeting. We do this using a combination of your existing sales data and market research.


Targeting All Buyer Personas

We use an account-based approach and build a matrix with various profiles, personas and pain points.


Database Building

We go out and build a database of your ideal prospects with verified contact information and personalised data.


Build Appointment Setting Fide

Getting Appointments

It's here we bring everything together and directly contact the decision-makers at your target companies via email and LinkedIn.



We use our own lead-qualification process to collect more relevant information about where prospects are in the buying process so your salespeople are better-equipped to pitch when meeting face-to-face.


Measure Appointment Setting Fide

Continuous Optimisation

Periodic pauses and analysis are important to see what is and isn’t working. We hold fortnightly meetings with you to reflect on the positive and negatives.


Tracking and Reporting

Data powers what we do and ensures a transparent and professional relationship. We provide transparent reporting on records touched, pipeline movement and agreed upon appointment setting outcomes.

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